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Purchasely Takeaways #10: how to rebuild Blinkist Paywall, in-app links on iOS, Checks by Google, subscription KPIs of news organizations

Purchasely Team
Purchasely Team
Hello everyone,
We are back from London where we attended two great shows, The Publishing Show and App Promotion Summit.
Key takeaways from March:
✨ 1st deployment of our TABS template
✨ Introducing the STEPS template inspired by Blinkist
✨ Apple enables in-app links for “reader” apps to manage account
✨ Some subscription KPIs shared by news organizations
✨ Airlines are launching Subscription Loyalty Program
✨ New initiatives in the video streaming industry
The Purchasely team.

We continue our mission to bring world-class templates
The STEPS Paywall template by Purchasely, inspired by Blinkist
The STEPS Paywall template by Purchasely, inspired by Blinkist
1️⃣ Our Paywall template named TABS has deployed
Last month, we introduced a new template named TABS. Inspired by the New York Times, it allows to present two tabs with different content and brings an easy way to compare two plans.
We are proud to see the super-fast adoption by some of our customers. Please see below the one deployed by eCoaching, a tennis app launched by the tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou (coach of Serena Williams since 2012).
👍🏻 Great way to present premium advantages
🤩 Nice use of videos
Mouratoglou eCoaching
Mouratoglou eCoaching
2️⃣ Introducing the STEPS template inspired by Blinkist
We are introducing another template named STEPS. It is inspired by the Paywall firstly deployed at scale by Blinkist, a leading book summary service. It puts emphasis on how the trial period works and reassures users by giving transparency. Blinkist recognized this paywall increased the conversion to trial by 23%.
Our co-founder and CPO demonstrated on Twitter how to build in 5 minutes the following paywalls with Purchasely paywall builder:
  1. Watch the Blinkist paywall
  2. Watch the FaceApp paywall (a photo editing app)
  3. Watch the Opal paywall (Opal is the #1 screen time app)
Jean-François GRANG
So you want to give a try to @blinkist famous #paywall in your #app? Well it is done in a matter of 5 minutes using @PurchaselyCom thanks to our new STEPS template.
Totally customizable. Editable by anyone. Deployed immediately.
Test, learn and improve your #subscription business
Apple enables in-app link for "reader" apps
Apple changed its guideline for developers on March 30.
Do you remember the #4 issue of our newsletter? On 2021, September 1, Apple announced it would allow developers of “reader” apps to include an in-app link to their website for users to create or manage an account.
The change is global. It enables apps that provide previously purchased content or content subscriptions for digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, and video to provide a link to an owned website in order to manage an account. Games are excluded.
Update on “reader” app distribution - News - Apple Developer
Google launches a tool to ease app development compliance
Google just launched Checks, a new free product directed at mobile app developers who want to use AI to identify privacy and compliance issues. 
Checks analyses iOS and Android apps and suggests actionable insights on how to address any found issues. It provides increased visibility into app’s data collection and highlights where there may be potential compliance issues under regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
Some subscription KPIs shared by news organization
1️⃣ The Purchasely team attended The Publishing Show in London where Edward Roussel, Head of Digital of The Times shared some figures:
  • 400,000 digital subscribers only
  • +15% year-over-year
  • Ukraine: 1,000 new digital subscribers a day
  • Readers return 17 days in a month
2️⃣ The International News Media Association released a benchmark of 102 news brands during the European Subscription Summit set up by Meta last month
  • 7.5 months is an average length of trial among the Top 50 news subscriptions brands
  • 76% average discount for trials up to 3-months-longs
  • 52% average discount for trials longer than 3 months
  • Fast-growing subscription news brands are the ones that managed to decrease monthly churn rate below 3% and to deliver ARPU 100% greater than others
Slide presented by Greg Piechota (INMA) at European Subscription Summit
Slide presented by Greg Piechota (INMA) at European Subscription Summit
International Paid Content Summit by Axel Springer
Axel Springer invited 30+ media companies to its 9th “International Paid Content Summit”.
100 representatives from 14 countries attended this online event (February 16-17th). Two takeaways from Claudius Senst, CEO of BILD & WELT at Axel Springer:
“The holy grail of a subscription business is not ARPU, it’s not price, it’s fundamentals – like lifetime value of a customer over time.”
“It’ll be a sign of maturity when the news business makes is as easy as it is with entertainment streaming services to pause and unsubscribe and if you believe in your product, you should believe that people will come back.”
Click below to watch a 12-minute conversation between Claudius Senst and Mark Thomson, former CEO of the New York Times (2012-2020).
Claudius Senst CEO of BILD & Welt and Mark Thomson, former CEO of New York Times
Claudius Senst CEO of BILD & Welt and Mark Thomson, former CEO of New York Times
Are Airlines moving away from Miles to launch Subscription Loyalty Program?
AirAsia Press Conference
AirAsia Press Conference
Three major airlines are launching premium loyalty programs.
  1. United Airlines: For $599/year, anyone can sit in a United’s Economy Plus seat for the price of a regular economy ticket.
  2. Alaska Airlines: Flight Pass members can fly up to 24 roundtrip flights a year to the most popular routes within California (13 airports) and to Reno, Phoenix and Vegas (it starts at $49 per month);
  3. Air Asia: the company is launching SUPER+ subscription plan available within Air Asia super app. This subscription service enables subscribers to enjoy unlimited flight redemption, free delivery of AirAsia food and Covid-19 pre-departure insurance coverage for a year. The CEO says on March 28:
“SUPER+ is our Amazon Prime, our Netflix subscription, our all-you-can-eat. While others have movies or deliveries, we are the first to combine flights and deliveries,”
Misc news about Video Streaming
Netflix to Combat Password Sharing with New Verification Feature | IndieWire
HBO Max, Discovery+ to Be Bundled After WarnerMedia Discovery Merger – The Hollywood Reporter
CNN+ enters the streaming business at a newsy moment
Two more things
The talk is in French 🇫🇷 and was made at the 1st edition of Mobilis in Mobile, a new online conference gathering mobile communities in France.
📚 Some fresh content is available on our blog, make sure to check it out:
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Purchasely Team
Purchasely Team @purchaselycom

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