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Purchasely Takeaways #3: How to fight fraud, Cordova Plugin, Clay Health

Purchasely Team
Purchasely Team
Hello everyone,
Here is the August edition of our Newsletter that provides market news and interesting tips regarding In-App Subscriptions.
Key takeaways:
  • Fraud is evil: How to prevent it in your In-App Subscriptions?
  • App consumer spending: strong growth everywhere!
  • Purchasely Cordova Plugin is LIVE
  • Clay, a new mental health app, powered by Purchasely
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
The Purchasely team.

Fraud is evil: How to prevent it in your In-App Subscriptions?
Your app will quickly attract malicious users who will try to abuse it. Purchasely’s CTO is delivering 3 best practices to fight fraud attempts.
Fraud is a global phenomenon: in 2020, Apple App Store stopped more than $1.5 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions and deactivited 244 million customer accounts due to fraudulent and abusive activity.
Purchasely platform has the capacity to monitor fraud attempts and to block them. Some of our clients are facing hundreds of such attempts on a monthly basis.
Romain Salles, our CTO and Co-founder is sharing his top tips in his article to prevent fraud and decrease its impact:
  • Move logic to your backend,
  • Avoid void purchases (purchases that have been canceled, revoked, or charged back),
  • Help stores track malicious users.
Latest news
App consumer spending: strong growth everywhere!
Leading Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence Services, such as App Annie and Sensor Tower, have released many figures in the past weeks:
Microsoft and Amazon announced plans to bring the Amazon Appstore to Windows 11.
On June 24, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 2011 and that all users will be able to access Android apps on their devices updated to Windows 11 later this year. Read the news on the Amazon developer website.
As Purchasely supports Amazon Appstore, apps powered by Purchasely will be available on Windows 11.
Spotify Plus: a current $0.99 test with a “limited number of users"
Spotify is testing an ad-supported subscription tier that will allow users to play songs of their choice, with unlimited skips, for $0.99 a month. The company has confirmed it to Hollywood Reporter. The $0.99 price point represents a tenth of the price of its standard $9.99 premium tier.
The Globe and Mail: The Paywall That Knows When To Give Up
The Globe and Mail, the largest newspaper in Canada, has built, a newsroom product (a natural language processing-based artificial intelligence system) that knows when to ask for money, when to ask for an email address, and when to simply leave readers uninterrupted.
Sonali Verma (Senior Product Manager, Analytics at The Globe and Mail) was a keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Online News Association and gave a master class about how enables fully dynamic paywall decisions for news websites.
“Our paywall knows when to give up. It knows when not to bug someone because they’re not going to get money from them anyway…
“Some readers might never encounter a paywall - for example, a hypothetical visitor who primarily reads car reviews, which is a strong source of ad revenue- while others might see one every time they visit the site (depending on their device, location, and propensity to read articles about investing)…
"Data scientists and data engineers now make up roughly 10% of The Globe and Mail’s staff. It’s an investment that has made all the difference. Each data scientist we have hired has paid for the next one.
"We had to acknowledge that a fixed set of paywall rules is not the best set of rules" - @SVerma__ (Senior product manager, analytics @globeandmail)

Login to watch "The Paywall That Knows When To Give Up" #ONA21 session.
Purchasely Cordova Plugin is LIVE
Our Cordova Plugin is available since the end of July. It provides the same set of functionalities as Purchasely iOS, Android and React Native SDKs.
Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework used for cross-platform development (by leveraging on standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript). Acccording to appfigures, Cordova is one of the most popular development SDKs of the app market (20% market share).
📚 You may read our documentation to integrate Purchasely SDK inside your Cordova app and to deploy In-App Purchases.
With Purchasely Cordova Plugin, you may also deploy In-App Purchases and Subscriptions into your Ionic project.
Do not hesitate to contact our team if you want to know more about Cordova/Ionic Plugin and other cross-platform frameworks.
Gabriel Visconti
Never had such an support experience as good as I had today with @jfgrang. It was about getting @PurchaselyCom cordova plugin running on my Ionic project. I was able to see how hard they work at Purchasely.
Clay, a new mental health app, powered by Purchasely
Clay: Mental Health Club is live in Germany on iOS devices
Many sports champions such as Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles are raising the importance of Mental Wellness.
The vision of the two founders of Clay Health, Marina Jozinovic and Janina Pölking, is that combining personalized Mental Wellness journey along with Physical Training routines for a holistic approach is a game-changer.
At Clay, you train your mental health holistically because mental health and physical activity are closely linked. We combine self-therapy, yoga and mindfulness for long-lasting training success! With 1:1 sessions & Workouts from the best psychologists.
The Clay app is available in the German App Store since July 6 and Purchasely is proud to have enabled Clay Health deploy its In-App Purchases within 4 weeks.
Three more things
📚 Some fresh content is available on our blog, make sure to check it out:
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🎧 Mobile App Makers podcast: Olivier Destrebecq interviewed our CPO & Co-founder about In-App Subscriptions. Olivier is the founder of Mobdesign and helps non-technical founders create high-quality mobile apps. He launched the Mobile App Makers podcast in April.
Mobile App Makers: Episode 9
Mobile App Makers: Episode 9
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Purchasely Team
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