Purchasely Takeaways #8: New business dashboards, India vs Apple, 3 great videos by Reflectly, Flow Lab, Tandem



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Purchasely Team
Purchasely Team
Hello everyone,
We hope you all are having a great 2022 beginning. Let’s start the new year by exploring some new features added to the Purchasely solution and great presentations made by successful Subscription Apps. 
✨ Subscription Management with Purchasely Firebase Extension
✨ Release of New business dashboards to monitor Subscription business
✨ New countries (Netherlands, India) add regulatory pressures
3 inspiring videos by Subscription Apps (App Promotion Summit Berlin)
Subscription League Interviews (Mojo and Doors CEOs)
The Purchasely team.

Subscription Management with Purchasely Firebase Extension
Iman Rahmati
Shout out to Purchasely for their great product and building an Extension to streamline the integration with Firebase https://t.co/xMDO6DDdLC
Purchasely launches its Firebase Extension that empowers new mobile apps to deploy In-App Subscriptions without any backend resources. 
The goal of Purchasely Firebase Extension is to keep track of your mobile users’ In-App Purchases & Subscriptions easily & seamlessly via Firebase Authentication & Firebase Firestore.
Bim, a Digital Gym app, is accelerating its monetization with Purchasely Firebase Extension. Benjamin Plessis, CTO of Bim app, says:
The Firebase Extension offered by Purchasely is incredibly simple. With one day of research and 15 minutes of configuration in the Firebase console, our Firebase-based infrastructure was ready to use to monetize Bim through subscription. Combined with the ease and speed of integration of its SDKs, Purchasely provides a turnkey solution that is ideal for mobile application startups.
Misc news from Purchasely
➡️ Release of New Business Dashboards with 33 Subscription Events (full list available here)
Purchasely has a unique set of subscriber data that monitors the activity of your Subscription Business.
We released new dashboards last month with 5 amazing views:
  • Live: A real-time overview of the subscriber base (split by subscriber type, by country)
  • Subscriptions: A deep dive focused on Daily active subscription, new subscriptions and churners, refund rates and MRR
  • Cohorts matrix: to analyze retention and conversion by cohorts (value and %)
  • Trials: For each period, how many users that started a trial have converted it or not or are still enjoying the trial
  • Events: 33 Subscriber lifecycle events aggregated by 10 different categories: Transaction - Activation - Plan Change - Renewal - Cancellation - Reactivation - Billing Issue - Pause - Transfer - Refund
All views are available on a per OS view and per pricing plan view.
New countries (🇳🇱 🇮🇳) add regulatory pressures
Regulatory news never stops, even during the Holidays Season.
🇳🇱 The Dutch regulator said Apple violated competition laws for dating apps. It has ordered Apple to allow dating-apps providers to use alternative payment systems. The company faces a fine of up to 50 million euros if it fails to comply. Apple has filed an appeal.
🇮🇳 One week later, on New Year Eve, the Indian competition regulator opened an investigation against Apple’s business practices in the country. The document released by the CCI is available here: 20 pages.
the Commission directs the Director General (‘DG’) to cause an investigation to be made into the matter under the provisions of Section 26(1) of the Act. The Commission also directs the DG to complete the investigation and submit the investigation report within a period of 60 days from the date of receipt of this order
Apple's App Store broke competition laws, Dutch watchdog says | Reuters
All You Need To Know About CCI's Antitrust Probe Against Apple's App Store Practices
3 inspiring videos from App Promotion Summit Berlin
The Purchasely team attended App Promotion Summit last month in Berlin. Great energy and vibes among the App Ecosystem! See official pictures here.
Please see below our curation of 3 great presentations made by Subscription Apps 👇🏻
1️⃣ How Did Reflectly Scale Their Expansion by Ryan Thorpe, CMO of Reflectly (journaling app)
✅ 215k paid subscribers today, 750k next year
✅ Team of 17 people
✅ How to bundle 10 subscription apps under 1 subscription: check The Growth Bundle: Become Your Best-Self 
2️⃣ How We Grew to 5,000 Subscribers (x12) during ATT apocalypse by Clarize Marais, Head of Marketing at Flow Lab (mental fitness app)
✅ 50 ads, 1 went viral 👉 4 million people reached, 126k reactions, CPI 4 €
✅ replication of the viral one by understanding generated emotions : 3 million people reached, 35k reactions, CPI below 4 €
✅ targeting; ios14+, interests, location - ad format : carousel - channel: Instagram
✅ don’t make ad, create content with value and focus on key points that align with your mission to boost virality
3️⃣ Impact of Influencers on Our User Acquisition Strategy by Rodolphe Helderwerdt, Head of Marketing at Tandem (language exchange app)
✅ discovery of videos from users on social networks that are very creative, accurate, authentic
✅ cooperation with Influencers that encourage to click on the universal link, the first 100 users will get a 7-day free and 50% off pro subscription. Install rate smaller than organic downloads or other paid channels
✅ By adding a landing page between the video and the store, the CPI decreased by 24% and the CVR jumped 10 times
✅ Tandem will replace all creatives with videos generated by its community of users that are proud of the Tandem experience
Subscription League Interviews
We set up Subscription League #1 (co-hosted with Addict Mobile) on November 30. This event gathered 60 French subscription experts. Please see below interviews of 2 CEOs of Subscription Apps.
Jean Patry, CEO of Mojo:
  • Mojo is an amazing app to create social stories with a professional look.
  • It is delivering impressive figures (300k paid subs!) with a small team.
  • A rising Subscription Star of App Store and Google Play!
Subscription League #1: Jean Patry (CEO & co-founder, Mojo) on Vimeo
Subscription League #1: Jean Patry (CEO & co-founder, Mojo) on Vimeo
François Delporte, CEO of Doors:
  • Doors is a book streaming app that provides an immersive reading experience (250 series).
  • He shares insights about Doors business model that combines In-App Purchases (“Coins”) and Subscriptions,
  • and the importance of comprehensive data in Subscription Apps.
Subscription League #1: François Delporte (CEO & co-founder, Foodvisor) on Vimeo
Subscription League #1: François Delporte (CEO & co-founder, Foodvisor) on Vimeo
New milestones achieved by Subscription Companies
1️⃣ Amazing figures released by the CEO of Duolingo 👇
Luis von Ahn
I'm very proud of @duolingo's TikTok account, which since September has reached over 170 million video views and 31 million likes—all with zero marketing dollars spent! This is the power of hiring world-class people and having a mascot that people love 💕
2️⃣ The Guardian now has 1 million people that pay for its digital content vs 500k 3 years ago.
3️⃣ Only 14% of Washington Post are under 55
WSJ News Exclusive | Washington Post Grasps for New Direction as Trump-Era Boom Fades
4️⃣ Deloitte predicts a global churn rate of 30 percent for streaming services in 2022. In the U.S., the churn rate could reach 38 percent.
One more thing
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Purchasely Team
Purchasely Team @purchaselycom

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