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Purchasely Takeaways #9: Introducing new Paywall CMS, App Store Sessions, Dutch Antitrust, Custom Codes, M&A Madness

Purchasely Team
Purchasely Team
Hello everyone,
We keep on delivering news and insights to empower your subscription growth strategy with so much news this February!
✨ the new UI of our no-code Paywall Builder is LIVE and provides 12 paywall templates including TABS, inspired by the NY Times
✨ App Store Sessions February 15 – March 29
Apple is complying with Dutch Antitrust request that enforces 3rd-party in-app payment for dating apps and is announcing a 27% commission fee
Personalised promo codes released by Apple: Subscription apps may embrace Influencer Marketing to acquire subscribers.
M&A Madness among Subscription Apps
The Purchasely team.

It’s time to level up your Paywall Optimization Strategy
We already had the most advanced no-code Paywall CMS but we took it to a whole new level.
The User Interface is SUPER FRIENDLY and allows anyone to design In-App Paywalls in less than 30 minutes. Our goal is to deliver a user experience in the same range that Figma, the acclaimed and powerful design software.
📺 Please click on the animated gif to access a video and check the Purchasely Paywall Builder in action.
Key benefits of our Paywall CMS:
  • Fully no-code
  • Real-time WYSIWYG device preview
  • Define specific images, sizes for each device
  • Customize everything: design, content, layout
  • Drag and drop videos, images, Lotties animation
  • Check Guidelines compliance
  • Translate your paywalls in more than 20 languages
Introducing the TABS template
We continue our work to bring world-class templates to you that you can integrate effortlessly. Inspired by the best apps and brought to you by our engineering team, you can publish them in a matter of minutes within your app. No developer or app release is needed.
Today we are pleased to introduce a new template: TABS.
If you are in the media industry, you know that New York Times just reached 10 million subscribers and targets to reach 15 million. Now you can adopt the same selling strategy and paywall with that new template.
That template is meant to present two pages with different content.
  • It is a handy way of comparing features between a Basic and Advanced offer, a Free and Paid version, or a Monthly and Yearly subscription.
  • You can add different products to each tab to choose what you want to distribute along with that presentation.
Build the The New York Times Paywall in less than 30 minutes with Purchasely
Build the The New York Times Paywall in less than 30 minutes with Purchasely
App Store Sessions February 15 – March 29
Purchasely / In-App Subscriptions
During 45 days, Apple will help developers improve their #acquisition, #ASO, conversion with #offerCodes and #subscriptions and #InAppEvents. 🛣 to success!
Apple plans online sessions where you can learn a lot from Apple Experts from Cupertino, Toronto, Mexico City, São Paulo, London, Stockholm, Seoul, Shanghai.
See below key topics and dates:
  • Optimize Subscriptions for Success: Acquisition (March 22, 23, 29)
  • Get Started with Custom Offer Codes (February 15, 16, 22, March 8, 15)
  • Get Started with In-App Events (March 8, 9, 15, 22)
Apple will comply with Dutch & South Korean Authorities
1️⃣ Dating Apps in The Netherlands: Apple proposes a framework to allow 3rd party payment but maintains a commission fee of 27%.
  1. Apple has failed to satisfy the requirements set by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).
  2. As dating-app providers are still unable to use other payment systems, ACM has informed Apple that it is subject to a weekly penalty payment.
  3. Apple will have to pay each week a penalty payment of 5 million euros up to a maximum of 50 million euros.
Apple lowers commission from 30% to 27% on the price paid by the user, net of value-added taxes, but requires developers to make extra work:
  1. If they want to use a different payment system, dating apps will need to request the StoreKit External Purchase Entitlement or the StoreKit External Purchase Link Entitlement.
  2. Display an in-app modal sheet and respect new design guidelines
  3. Provide a report to Apple recording each sale of digital goods and content that has been facilitated through the App Store. An example report is available here (ZIP file).
  4. Developers will be in charge of the collection and remittance of value-added tax for sales processed by a 3rd party payment provider.
2️⃣ South Korea: Apple will allow alternative payment systems for all apps.
Do you remember our previous newsletters?
  • Issue 4: South Korea passes a bill limiting app stores control over payments
  • Issue 6: Google enables alternative billing systems in South Korea
On January 10, 2022, the country’s telecommunications regulator said that Apple will allow alternative payment systems in South Korea in compliance with a new local law that bans app store operators from forcing their own in-app payment systems,
Subscriber acquisition: iOS Apps may use personalised promo codes
🆕 Every app will now be able to take full advantage of the Influencers’ referrals thanks to CUSTOM CODES! 🎟
This was a long-waited feature improvement that Apple finally released on January 20. You can now create your own custom codes.
They can be used for Influencer Marketing, Print, or Digital campaigns. As these codes can be tracked, they provide a unique reliable attribution system to track new subscribers.
Purchasely fully supports personalised promo codes at it associates and stores that information to your subscriber and sends it to each WebHook event.
In-App Subscription consumer spending: +20-30% yearly growth in 2021
Many reports were released since January 1st, showing +20-30% growth year-over-year
M&A Madness among Subscription Apps
4 major acquisitions were announced in the past 4 weeks, 2 by New York Times and 2 in the Health category.
The Creator Economy starts to embrace subscription
Instagram tests Subscription tools for creators
One more thing
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Purchasely Team
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